Saturday 11 May 2019


The Atrium at WINTEC House, 

Corner of ward & Angelsea Streets, Hamilton City

Designed with real couples in mind,
One Wonderful Day is centred around connection.

You're Invited!

Come along to meet experienced local specialists offering insight & stories, value & expertise to guide & inspire you as you navigate your unique path towards your wonderful wedding day. 

Brought together by the crew at Wed in Waikato, we’re chuffed to foster this exciting event
built on the best bits of the traditional expo while offering
carefully curated quality & authentic connection with local specialists.

We love working in this special industry & understand a wedding day is a significant occasion
in the lives of you the engaged couple, your family & community.  We’re here to help with that day; 
one wonderful day in the wonderful life you're building together.

We are stoked to invite you to join us at this vibrant & growing this event

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